Know your WORTH

Ladies please know your worth
If you think sitting down on your ass everyday Is going to buy you a
house then think again…
If you think having that boyfriend who buys you everything you want
Is going to get you somewhere in life then girl you need
If you still think Pregnancy can get a guy on his knees to marry you
then girl please rearrange your way of thinking…
Please ladies know your worth
Wake up everyday with a purpose
Hustle for your own good
Don’t let someone else money satisfy your needs
Get your own money to satisfy your own needs…
Sister stop creating drama for yourself… There’s lots of diseases
out there KNOW YOUR WORTH.
Don’t let Brazilian weave lower your standards
Change your way of thinking…
Be someone you will be proud of in few years later
Allow me to say if there’s still girls who think that being pregnant is
a trendsetter and it will keep a man girl please rearrang your life
girl you stupid if u think that falling pregnant is a trend…
While girls your age are busy making a living for themselves you are
busy creating drama for yourself
You are allowed to dream big
You are allowed to chase your dreams don’t let five minutes of
enjoyment destroy all your dreams and hopes….
That 5 minutes of whatever minutes it is can last a life time…. My
fellow sister don’t do that to yourself
Respect your hustle
Respect your body
Get up and do something
Instead of going after guys go after your dreams
You think a guy who already has everything in his life will have time
to marry someone who doesn’t even own her body? My sister KNOW

Don’t live life trying to impress people….
I just had to take that off my chest
If I offended you then deal with it the truth never made anyone
happy so deal with it☺☺

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